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  • Operation
    A good place to start is to outline the main points you want to address. Then, write a complete script outlining the points and edit them as concisely as possible. when you are satisfied Read the script aloud to find the unnatural points. Adjust as needed   Operation Once you have confidence in the script and its performance. You can start testing. Let everyone around you know you're...
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  • How to make a custom amplifier
    Step one: Why?   In early 1997, my father and I participated in a family entertainment program. We wanted to make the best speakers Text to Speech possible. I have heard about the main models from almost every manufacturer. I already know all the drivers in the DIY category and I want to know which one is the best.   Finally, after voting, we all without hesitation chose JM Labs...
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  • Text to Voice Improve Customer Service
    Consumer power in today's digital age is heavily in the hands of consumers. And if they experience less than amazing service, they will hop off the ship. Harris Interactive states that 89 percent of consumers joined the company with a rival following a negative customer experience. 86% of users are more willing to pay for a good consumer experience. Oracle reports. To differentiate successfully...
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