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  • D-Alpha Tocopherol Manufacturer
    D-Alpha tocopherol is a form of vitamin E used by the human body to meet dietary requirements, and today alpha tocopherol acetate is used as a dietary supplement. Matrix Life Science is the biggest D-alpha tocopherol manufacturer and vitamin E acetate suppliers supply this product under the brand name naturall-e. End your search for vitamin e acetate manufacturers and vitamin E succinate by...
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  • Natural Tocopherol Producers
    Natural mixed tocopherols is a much better alternative to man-made synthetic antioxidants that help to maintain the freshness as well as the shelf life of a wide range of products like food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals formulation. At Matrix Life Science, we are one of the leading natural mixed tocopherol manufacturers in India. And also as tocopherol suppliers, we supply this product in three...
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  • Phytosterol Supplier
    Phytosterols occurs as free alcohol as well as fatty acid esters in the natural form that they are esterified to increase their solubility so that they can be used in different industries. As a phytosterols manufacturer and phytosterol supplier, we offer this product in three formats including liquid, powder and granule under the brand of phytoLite. If you want to know more details about this...
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  • Vitamin E Supplier
    Though Vitamin E is available in natural as well as synthetic forms, our human body can differentiate between the two, and it is always beneficial to take this vitamin in its natural form. As vitamin E suppliers and natural vitamin E manufacturers in India, Matrix Life Science offers premium quality vitamin E products that are extracted from oil seeds. Connect at our website if you are...
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  • Ursolic Acid Producers
    Ursolic acid is a phytochemical found in many plants but also found in apple peels extremely popular for its beneficial properties so used in many industries like food cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Matrix Life Science is the ursolic acid manufacturers which is supplied under the brand name of naturall-Re and as Ursolic acid producers & Ursolic acid suppliers we use advanced technology as...
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  • Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants
    Natural oxidants are extracted from external sources so they are used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries whereas synthetic antioxidants are created through chemical processes. At Matrix Life Science, we believe natural and synthetic antioxidants delay the oxidation of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids by suppressing the free radicals that trigger cell damage. Connect at the...
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