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    TOPSCORE VIBO bowling simulator is one of its kind in the world operated by voice and tab (human-machine interface). Bowler animation allows full control over your body, hand-eye coordination, and footwork which is crucial for a batsman to time the ball,  improve the quality of shots.  The batsman gets exactly the same feeling of facing a real human bowler when a batsman is...
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    VIBO is a unique and intelligent bowling simulator in which a scientific approach is adopted to create a real bowling scenario. Batsmen face a life-size high contrast display screen on the screen depicts animation of a selected bowler who runs in and bowls a certain delivery at the point of release a real ball is fired from the machine as if the ball is released from the hand of the...
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  • Disruptive Innovation: VIBO Bowling Simulator
    The Hollywood movie, Any given Sunday, has a famous line – A Game of Inches! It can relate to Cricket. But how? Cricket is definitely a game of inches, let me explain. If a battery has not timed the ball well and has fallen short by few INCHES to hit a boundary and is caught out on the boundary line. If the bowler is stepping few INCHES ahead of the crease, that’s a no-ball. If the...
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  • Contributing To Effective Training
    Cricket is a medium to slow-paced sport when compared to other sports, which makes Cricket more interesting and engaging. With a tremendous following across the globe, the Indian Cricket team has a fan base like no other team in the world. Without a doubt, cricketers are role models for today’s youth. A couple of years back, I asked a young fan, who was about 10 years back...
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    Cricket and technology are inseparable in today’s world. As a matter of fact, 21st century is largely driven by technology and affected people’s lifestyles, wholly or partially. Whereas, technological advancements have a positive influence on the game of cricket. T20 cricket has changed the way broadcasters telecast the matches, giving a fitting build-up of the match with...
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  • Obesity
    Ayurveda identifies Obesity as a condition due to sedentary lifestyle and high calorie intake exceeding the number of calories burned leading to the storage of excess calories as body fat. The result is excessive weight gain. Obesity is not only about leading a low quality of life, but a serious medical condition that increases the risk of other health problems, such as heart disease,...
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  • Endocrinology disorders
    Tumours of thyroid glands, stress, reduced / excessive intake of medicines, toxicity of goitre are common reasons for thyroid disorders. The patient may experience symptoms such as sensitivity to cold, skin dryness, constipation, anorexia, angina, anaemia and irregular menstruation. Endocrine system diseases are among the most commonly diagnosed diseases around the world. The thyroid glands,...
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  • Gynaecology
    Signs of gynaecological problems include irregular periods, painful cramps, severe pain in the lower abdomen and heavy bleeding in between periods. These symptoms are indicative of uterine fibroids, cysts, polyps or tumour. Millions of women worldwide suffer from gynaecological problems. Hormonal imbalances caused by stress, unhealthy lifestyles, use of contraceptives, chemicals, poor...
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  • Diabetes
    Ayurveda treats Diabetes as a metabolic disorder. The treatment plan not only helps control sugar levels but ensures delaying or completely evading the onset of major health complications caused by neglecting the disorder. With an estimated 77 million diabetics, India is number 2 in the top 10 countries for people with diabetes. Diabetes contributes to serious health complications by damaging...
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  • Gastroenterology Disorders
    At HLC, our team has According to classical Ayurveda, a weak digestion known as Agnimandya cannot convert rasa to life-sustaining Ojas. Additionally we investigate Ama, which can be the root cause in several diseases. HLC has a team of experienced specialists to care for people with digestive tract disorders. We specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating digestive tract disorders from...
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