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  • Why Is My Roku Remote Not Working?
    At times, your Roku remote might get un-paired from your device automatically due to which you have to face the Roku remote not working problem. In addition to that, there could be a few other reasons that are responsible for the same issue such as low batteries, obstructions, etc. However, re-pairing it with your device will fix the issue. If that doesn’t help and you still cannot use...
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  • How to fix AOL mail not working on iPhone?
    When you come across a situation where AOL mail not working on iPhone, then it could possibly be due to outdated app version or server related issue. But there could be other reasons responsible for the same. To fix it, you should immediately install the security updates from your AOL account or reboot your device to restore connectivity. If the issue persists, you should reinstall the AOL app...
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