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  • Best Ramen near Times Square
    What separates Ichiran’s ramen from other restaurant's ramen is not only the taste of the broth which is full of flavors, but also that noodles are time sensitive and one focuses on enjoying ramen on one's solo seat. If you want to enjoy as well as slurp the best ramen in Times Square, then you can visit Ichiran restaurant any time and personalize your ramen bowl to treat your taste buds....
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  • Best Japanese Restaurant in Manhattan
    Starting its journey from Hakata, Ichiran Japanese restaurant is now an internationally acclaimed ramen restaurant popular for serving the best tonkotsu ramen using quality ingredients and advanced cooking techniques. Ichiran, the best Japanese restaurant in Manhattan is well known for its five revolutionary elements like red spicy sauce, aromatic tonkotsu broth, solo dining booth, order form,...
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  • Best Japanese Restaurant Brooklyn
    Though, in Europe as well as other western countries, slurping is considered bad but in Japan slurping is a sign that a person is enjoying the flavors of broth and noodles. Ramen lovers who wish to enjoy the finest tonkotsu ramen can try it at Ichiran, the best Japanese restaurant Brooklyn known for its five original concepts that have revolutionized the ramen experience. Visit Ichiran to enjoy...
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  • Best Ramen in Midtown
    If you are a ramen lover and want to slurp mouth watering tonkotsu ramen in the privacy of your home then Ichiran offers take home ramen kits and each kit has three servings. People who love to enjoy the tasty best ramen in Midtown should visit Ichiran restaurant where they can customize their bowls and enjoy ramen in the total privacy of partitioned solo booths. To enjoy the best ramen,...
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  • Top Japanese Restaurants
    Japanese cuisines are loved by non-Japanese people for they are healthy, balanced with every nutrient present and the selection of ingredients is done as per the current season. There are many top Japanese restaurants worldwide that serve authentic cuisines of Japan, and Ichiran, the Japanese food restaurant that specializes in tonkotsu ramen, which is the restaurant's signature cuisine. Now...
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