• The product developmentis a significant activity in the food industry for over 40 years, but gradually, it has developed an important business area and also advanced technology.
  • For the process of food product development, we have so many experts to develop an innovative food product, by working with a food research lab, you will get high-quality creative ideas to establish small restaurants and food industries.

Process of Food product development:

  1. Screening
  2. Consumer testing
  3. Test marketing
  4. Commercialization

To continue know about the detailed process of new food product development: https://bit.ly/2NMd8f4

Food research lab helps you to reduce your pressure like product developments, and we will work closely with our clients and helps throughout the processes.

Services we also offer:

  1. Beverage product development (carbonated soft drinks and non-alcohol drinks)
  2. Nurtracuetical product consulting (dietary supplements)
  3. Food Nutrition expert service
  4. Food and beverage packaging and consulting

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