Energy drinks were invented in Japan and presented as healthy

Energy drinks were first introduced in Japan in the 1980s. This energy drink was marketed as an energy booster for tired workers. The energy drink also contained vitamins and minerals, to provide energy for hard-working bodies. Thus, it was presented as a healthy energy drink. However, energy drinks are packed with caffeine to provide an energy boost by increasing alertness.

Anyone that pushes barriers to the limit knows that healthy energy drinks are interesting because they provide energy and sometimes improve focus.

Beware of unhealthy energy drinks

However, one should not simply use any energy drink as some can be made with bad ingredients (even toxic) which are definitely unhealthy.

Some energy drinks can also be addictive and some people might use energy drinks too frequently without knowing the negative health risks.

Even though energy drinks are mostly meant for adults, some energy drink companies have products that are marketed towards children with improper disclaimers.

Can an energy drink be healthy?

There are energy drinks that are healthy if they have good ingredients. This means that energy drinks are not always bad for you despite the fact that energy drinks do contain caffeine and other stimulants which may increase your heart rate, cause insomnia, upset stomachs, headaches, irritability, etc.

There is a big debate on whether energy drinks should be banned or not. There are energy drinks that have good ingredients so they should never be banned. People say energy drinks contain more sugar than soda and there is no nutritional value in energy drinks which is partially true but some energy drinks contain great nutrients. This is why energy drinks do not need to be banned for this reason alone because energy drinks can be healthy.

 A powerful and healthy ingredient that is a must in a healthy energy drink

By being on this blog, you probably already know that although caffeine is part of our recipe, 9mm Beyond Energy has an energy-giving compound to its energy drinks, astaxanthin. This is our secret ingredient and it's exclusive to our recipe.

Astaxanthin is one of nature's energy-giving compounds. It is a compound responsible for energy in krill, flamingos, and shrimp.

 What are the health benefits of astaxanthin and why should you be happy that we have some in our energy drink?

What are the advantages of astaxanthin? Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble pigment with strong antioxidant capabilities that helps protect your cells from free radicals and oxidative stress. On the inner and outer layers of cell membranes, carotenoids are renowned for their capacity to neutralize reactive oxygen.

Furthermore, astaxanthin has been linked to a variety of health advantages, including (to list a few but there are much more):

Support for the Immune System

Astaxanthin has the ability to affect your immune system by assisting in the activation of white blood cells (T-cells) and natural killer cells (NK cells).

T-cells target foreign cells based on antigen markers, however, NK cells do not need to be activated and work faster to combat invasions that can harm your health.

Overall Inflammation Reduction

Astaxanthin may assist to reduce inflammation in addition to increasing your immune system. This pigment, in particular, reduces proteins that might cause inflammatory disorders like celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes by acting on reactive oxygen species.

 Enhance cognitive well-being

Carotenoids are beneficial to the brain because they lower the risk of neurodegenerative disorders. Astaxanthin is a smaller molecule, it can pass through the blood-brain barrier, providing protection for both your brain and your body's organs.

This carotenoid may also assist to prevent and/or slow the onset of Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairments.

Healthy ingredient that is potentially a natural nootropic

With this exclusive ingredient, this energy drink has the potential to be a healthy and natural nootropic. Science isn't 100% sure about this one and it has some good insight about it.

However, this ingredient is super healthy and it has a lot of benefits for people that need focus and needs to reduce inflammation such as:

eye inflammation in the front of a screen

joint inflammation after physical activity

many other inflammation problems.

Train your Brain with 9mm and Neurotracker

We believe in brain training and a healthy lifestyle and this is why 9mm Beyond Energy is beyond just a simple energy drink. We partnered with NeuroTracker to help you be on a quest to train your brain to reach your target. 

9MM provides you with the energy boost you need when you are on the go or after a hard workout. 
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