Published Date – 14th July 2021

One of the most asked questions, why online poker is not banned in India? There are various reasons for this. However, there is one major reason that keeps on asking whether online Satta King is banned in India. That question is - "Is there any black money involved in online gambling?" It is a matter of concern to every gambling operator around the world that operates a well regulated online gambling business in India.

In India, according to law, online casinos and सट्टा मटका websites are bound by laws, which lay down severe punishment for illegal operators of gambling websites. In India, there are various government and regulatory authorities that regulate the activities of online gambling. The Central Board of Excise and Customs or CBEC is an autonomous board, which has complete power over all matters related to tax and import and export of goods and products. The CBEC has formulated various measures to curb the activities of illegal operators who do not pay taxes or fail to file tax returns. The CBEC also has powers to investigate cases of money laundering and to provide monetary assistance to the victims of criminal activities related to Satta Results. Money laundering is an offense under the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act 1992.

There are several operators of online Satta King Up in India, who operate within the ambit of legal trading. These operators have very well constructed registration and Licensing departments. In addition to this, the operators are bound by numerous other legal restrictions such as banning of bonuses, payment of taxes and levies on wagering activity. Moreover, the operators are bounded by numerous laws of general application, which include anti-money laundering rules, anti-contamination rules, child protection rules, income protection rules and so on. Hence, it can be concluded that the ban on online Satta game in India would hurt the legitimate operators more than benefit the black money operators.

The second reason as to why sattaking casino games are not banned in India is that the government has not taken the step of regulating online casinos. This means that even though the operators may be operating shri ganesh satta king there is no action against them. The reason for this is that the central government does not have the requisite resources to regulate the operators in a legally correct manner. As a result, the operators can continue to operate while enjoying legal and advantageous advantages.

The third reason as to why Satta King Online poker is not banned in India is that there are several prominent persons in the country, who are in regular competition with black money operators in the field of Satta Matka poker. They have raised issues of corruption in the Indian poker scene. They have tried to highlight the shortcomings and the defects of the current law in the form of regulatory guidelines and articles. The authorities have taken note of these and still have not taken strong regulatory measures. So, the operators cannot be banned for the sake of preventing future crime.

Another reason why poker is not banned in India is that the scenario of online Satta Live in the country is not at all bad. According to reports, there are more than a hundred licensed gaming houses operating in the country. Most of these operate within the parameters of the law and work hard to ensure that their customers are satisfied. Thus, the government is assured of the fact that the black money operators will not be operating their operations from the country any time soon. But this can only be concluded if the government takes strong regulatory measures. Otherwise, the scenario will continue as it is.

The fourth reason why online Satta Result is not banned in India is that the government does not want to antagonize the operators of online poker sites. For instance, if the government banned all the sites and set up licensing conditions and registration norms for each and every operator, the operators will not operate from the country. It would create chaos. The result will be a complete closure of the industry. The government knows this very well and thus does not antagonize the operators in any way. In other words, the government is rationalizing the popularity of online Satta by minimizing its negative aspects and instead focusing on the positives.

The fifth reason why online Satta Bajar is not banned in India is that the government is ready to work with the operator. The operators will always have demands and the government is always ready to meet such demands. In other words, they understand the modus operandi of the operators and are prepared to customize the regulatory measures according to the needs of the state. This is how the government treats the online Gali Satta industry. The government understands that it will have to regulate the business to ensure the safety of the players but it will also have to provide an environment that will encourage people to start their own business.

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