A legal nurse consultant is a qualified practitioner in the nursing field who works as a legal advisor on medical-related litigations. Legal nurse consultants have functioned as collaborators and strategists in various practice areas since the early 1980s. They support medically-related litigations like personal injury, mass tort, and medical malpractice. In such legal proceedings, a legal nurse consultant acts as a medical expert, assisting lawyers in understanding medical technology and healthcare issues.

Legal nurse reviewers play a vital role during medical record reviewing process. It is a significant step in litigations involving an injury or medical negligence. Let us check out the role played by legal nurse consultants in helping attorneys.

Legal nurse consultants retrieve the relevant medical records required for the lawsuit. The medical records may be segregated based on the healthcare facilities and healthcare providers. Any additional or missing medical records would be identified during this step. The missing records, required for the lawsuit may be requested, following the HIPAA guidelines.

The legal nurse consultant will sort and index the medical records after receiving the missing records. The medical charts will be arranged in chronological order. Bates numbering the records would help in the easy identification of each chart. After sorting the medical records, medical record review will be conducted, which is the integral task of a legal nurse consultant. Being a medical expert, legal nurse reviewers can quickly identify the medical records significant to the subject lawsuit. The critical evidence in the medical records will be easily collected and presented in a systematic medical record review report. This will help the attorneys to study the damages sustained by the claimant easily.

Legal nurse reviewers assist injury attorneys in determining the type of expert that is required for their case. They help in locating a certified and knowledgeable medical professional to provide an opinion. Apart from that, they also assist attorneys in preparing fact sheets for mass torts, pain and suffering charts for injury lawsuits, etc.


Legal nurse consultants are only professionals in clinical medicine, but they also have a strong understanding of the legal elements of treatment and the healthcare system. They form an integral part of any medical record review outsourcing company. Being experts in the medical arena, they could easily identify issues like medical record tampering and medical negligence.