The scholarship is a financial aid given to deserving candidates for their future development. Some programs fund the expenses occurring on education i.e books, tuitions fee, coaching, etc. Others offer financial aid for boarding and accommodation expenses too.

Deserving candidates are shortlisted on the basis of predefined achievements. Eligibility starts from the stage of academic tenure - primary, secondary or further studies. Scholarships are offered by government agencies as well as private agencies like schools, colleges, sports institutions, etc. 

Scholarships can be provided to selected excellent talent in various fields like academics, sports, holistic development, etc. 

This is one of the best Indian schools present out there in Abu Dhabi. Global Indian International School has 21 campuses across 7 countries. The curriculum followed in these campuses is either based on national boards or state boards. The school offers various scholarship programs across all campuses. I would like to mention a few of the interesting scholarship programs offered by this Indian School:

Global Citizen Scholarship: This is a regional program, the excellent talent from respective regions is shortlisted for grades 11th and 12th. The tenure of this program is two years. Cut-off marks to avail of this scholarship is 96.5% and above in 10th grade (if following CBSE board). It includes funds for studying, boarding, and living expenses in their own campuses.

9 GEMS holistic Development Scholarship: This is an award-winning scholarship provided by GIIS. It has received the Golden Peacock award for its innovative services. The award is given for holistic development like extracurricular activities, academic achievements. The tenure for this program is for one year. Students from grades 5th to 11th are eligible for this program . Based on the different categories the fee waiver varies from 10%-20%.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Skill Scholarship: This is one of the rare scholarship programs which is offered to those who are proficient in the usage of digital applications and gadgets at an early age. The program is for students from grades 5th to 11th. Eligibility for this scholarship requires applicants to have recognition at the National or International technology forum, forums could include Robotics Olympiads/ STEM Olympiads/ National Children's Science Congress, etc. Tuition fee concession varies from 5%-20% based on the different categories. The tenure for this scholarship is one year.

Zayed Gandhi Means cum Merit Scholarship: This program supports the education of students who have financial hitches. It makes studies affordable to merit students who couldn’t take the load of heavy education expenses. There are different categories based on the annual income of the family ranging from 10,000 AED to 15,000 AED, under which 5% to 15% off on tuition fee is applicable. The tenure for this scholarship is two years.

Global FUTURE-READY merit Scholarship: This scholarship program is extended to the selected meritorious students. It helps students to be future-ready on the global platform for their under-graduation programs. Based on the categories the fee concession of 12% to 15% is granted. The tenure for this program is two years and applicable for 7th and 8th grades students.

So without wasting any time,  apply for one of these scholarship programs and prepare your child to excel in this tech-world.