At present, the automotive industry is the third-largest spender on research and development, behinds healthcare and software and electronics. Automobiles, seats are one of the essential components of automotive. Emerging trends, which directly impact the dynamics of the automotive seat industry, include the development of the link between seat systems & smartphones. Customer approaches for automotive comfort are growing, and the advance of automotive seats that origin minute fatigue for extensive distance driving is essential.


Automotive makers recognize comfort as a significant trade point, as it plays a substantial role for buyers. Luxurious, comfortable, and safe automotive seating systems are gaining preference among consumers, which, in turn, is prompting OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to seek automotive seats that could satisfy consumer expectations. According to the Renub Research report, the Global Automotive Seat Market is expected to be a US$ 87.46 Billion by 2027.


Material Used & Types of Seat

Based on material, the global automotive seat market includes Fabric, Synthetic Leather, and Genuine Leather. The fabric segment holds the largest market share due to almost invariably tri-laminate polyester. The automotive seat type has been classified into the bucket seat, bench seat, and others. The bucket seat is separate with an armrest and contoured platform to seat a single person. Bucket seats are widely utilized as a driver and co-driver seats in passenger and commercial vehicles.


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The popularity of Automotive Seats in Vehicles Globally

Worldwide, SUV popularity has increased significantly. Traditionally, the SUV style has been most successful in North America. The United States has the highest demand for SUVs seats. Vehicles seats in Europe and the Asia Pacific have also begun to pick up steam in recent years. Four out of 10 passenger vehicles sold in the Asia Pacific were SUVs, compared to about one third in Europe. Small and crossover automotive seat segment sales and compact SUV seats like the Dacia Duster have grown the most. The improvements in safety, weight, and fuel economy are significant factors in its appeal to a broader audience. The Global Automotive Seat Industry will grow with a CAGR of 7.24% from 2020 to 2027.


Regional Analysis of Automotive Seats Industry

Globally, the North American automotive seat market is dominated by the premium car market (2M units per annum), and pickup trucks are one of the largest in the world. Europe and the Asia Pacific regions are expected to lead the market for Automotive Seats during the forecast period. The market growth in Europe and Asian countries associated with the growing need for affordable vehicles due to changes in customer behaviour amid pandemics. Customers’ preference for luxury cars has led to a rapid rise in the premium automotive seat market in Europe. As per our analysis, the Global Automotive Seat Market Size was valued at US$ 53.62 Billion in 2020.


COVID-19 Impact on Automotive Seats Business

Coronavirus outbreak is one of the biggest shocks for the automotive business worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic hindered the growth of the automotive seat market as there were constant lockdowns and travel constraints across the world to contain the virus. Moreover, the supply chain of the market got hit while manufacturing units were closed and with social distancing rules to follow limited staff available to run production lines with all safety standards. Besides, this high cost of modular & advanced seats compared to traditional seats may hamper the growth of the automotive seat market.


The key companies such as Toyota Boshoku, Faurecia Magna International, Inc., Lear Corporation, Johnson Controls, and Grammer AG come together to research and develop innovative and novel automotive seating solutions. In 2020, Toyota Boshoku Developed Seats for Toyota’s New Model Yaris.


Renub Research latest report ”Global Automotive Seat Market by Material (Fabric, Synthetic Leather, Genuine Leather) By Seat Type (Bucket, Bench, Others), By Energy Source (Gasoline, Diesel, Electric, LPG) By Vehicle Type (Small Cars, Pickups, Compact Cars, MPVs, Large Cars, Mid-Size Cars, HCVs, SUVs & Crossovers, Others), By Technology (Powered Seats, Standard Seats, Ventilated Seats, Others) By Region(North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East America, Middle East America), By Company (Toyota Boshoku, Faurecia Magna International, Inc., Lear Corporation, Johnson Controls, and Grammer AG)" provides a detailed analysis of Worldwide Automotive Seats Industry.


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Material – Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered 3 viewpoints:

1.    Fabric

2.    Synthetic Leather

3.    Genuine Leather


Seat Type – Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered by 3 viewpoints:

1.    Bucket

2.    Bench

3.    Others


Energy Source – Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered by 4 viewpoints:

1.    Gasoline

2.    Diesel

3.    Electric

4.    LPG


Vehicle Type –Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered 9 viewpoints:

1.    Small Cars

2.    Pickups

3.    Compact Cars

4.    MPVs

5.    Large Cars

6.    Mid-Size Cars

7.    HCVs

8.    SUVs & Crossovers

9.    Others


Technology –Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered 3 viewpoints:

1.    Powered Seats

2.    Standard Seats

3.    Ventilated Seats

4.    Others


Region –Global Automotive Seat Market have been covered 5 viewpoints:

1.    North America

2.    Europe

3.    Asia Pacific

4.    Middle East America

5.    South America


All companies have been covered from 3 viewpoints

•    Overview

•    Recent Development

•    Revenue


Company Analysis

1.    Toyota Boshoku

2.    Faurecia Magna International 

3.    Inc., Lear Corporation

4.    Johnson Controls

5.    Grammer AG.


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