Millions of consumers continue to embrace the smartphone consumer lifestyle, but a surprisingly small fraction of small businesses have a mobile website ready to capture the growing number of customers. While you're here, we think you're taking a serious approach to harnessing the competitive advantages that mobile website design can bring to your business.

One of the fun aspects of having a mobile website is the use of Quick Response or QR codes. Those fun little square designs appear on everything from magazine ads and grain boxes to brochures and business cards. They are also called action codes because they make it easy for consumers to navigate after scanning them with their phones.

How Does a QR Code Work?

Let's say a smartphone user encounters one of these codes while reading a magazine. They can use the qr code creator to create one and scan the QR code with their phone and automatically display a specific part of your mobile website with a special offer, a video, a selection, or a link to your store.

Using QR Codes for the Customer

Having a mobile website and using QR codes can make the first positive impression about your business in the minds of consumers. By entering QR codes on any printed media, your customer doesn't have to dial any numbers or even click anything to get anywhere. They don't have to search for a notebook and pen to write down your URL, phone number, or physical address. It saves them time by making it easy for them to find the information they need.

Using QR Codes for Small Businesses

Having a great mobile website design and using QR codes to attract people is a great way to talk about your business, improve the customer experience and drive more sales.

Recent research shows that consumer use of QR codes to access mobile business websites has increased by 50% over the last year. More specifically, those who own a small business mobile website reported an 84% direct increase in sales as a result of a smartphone search and action code scan. You can't ignore these trends!

QR Codes Give you a Competitive Edge

These are just some of the options available to small businesses that have a mobile website. And these options are a real opportunity for small businesses that have mobile websites. Aside from linking to QR codes, very few small businesses even think about mobile website design, so your business needs to be the first to connect with customers who use their smartphones to search for products and services.