FIFA has long been destined for cross-play support, but EA Sports has been adamant about not implementing it despite widespread support among players in the lead-up to the release of FIFA 22.

Cross-platform gaming has become increasingly popular in the last year, with it now appearing to be supported by almost every other gaming franchise.

Even well-known franchises such as Call of Duty are embracing cross-generational gaming, but EA Sports has yet to jump on board.

In FIFA 22, will there be any new leagues to play in?
It's interesting to note that there are numerous EA games that include cross-player functionality, so there's no reason why FIFA 22 should be any different.

The lack of a player base on the PC version of FIFA, especially when compared to the massive audiences on the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, is the most pressing issue facing the game. will also invest in FIFA 22 Coins from the supplier 21 coins for more information, please visit our website. For more information, please see our website AOEAH. COM/FIFA-coins.

Could it finally be time to allow cross-platform play in FIFA after a year since the release of the next-generation consoles?

Will FIFA 22 support cross-platform play?
We have yet to see EA incorporate cross-platform gaming into their popular football simulation, but players are impatiently awaiting its arrival.

At the moment, however, there is no word on whether FIFA 22 will support it or not; however, games such as FUT 22 Coins and FIFA 22 provide endless possibilities. Take a look at AOEAH. COM for example. When sports and e-sports collide, the result is almost always predictable.

But don't be alarmed; there is a lot of evidence that suggests it could happen, as well as a lot of evidence that suggests it won't.

In the lead-up to the release of FIFA 21, Electronic Arts (EA) dealt with rumors of cross-play fairly quickly, responding to the question on social media with the following statement.

In FIFA 21, you will not be able to play across console generations or engage in cross-play.

Taking all of this into consideration, however, Need for Speed Heat is an EA game that recently implemented cross-platform play, indicating that EA is not completely opposed to the idea.

While there would be a number of features that would remain console-specific in FIFA, there would also be a number of features that would remain console-independent - for example, the Weekend League competitions, which would ensure that there is a clear divide between PlayStation and Xbox for ranking purposes.

The likes of FUT Friendlies and Pro Clubs, on the other hand, could very well be on the cross-play radar.

If cross-play does become available in FIFA 22, it is likely that it will work with all modes, with the exception of Ultimate Team.

Due to the oversaturation of the transfer market on both PlayStation and Xbox, things do become more complicated, as the markets would have to merge into a single unified space.

For the time being, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.