Dubai's ruling class is focusing on this area since they believe that education is the sole way to go for their children and the next generations. They want to create a center of knowledge throughout the Middle East, and especially in the Arabian region Dubai dune buggy rental. That's why there are many high-quality universities and schools which provide top-quality education to students from both the local and international world. Dubai is the home of both private and public institutions of education which both girls and boys are benefitting from them. Dubai schools that are run by the state, provide free education to all citizens.


In all government and public schools, Arabic is the first language used in all schools. English is second. English is the second-language in private schools, whereas Arabic is the primary language used in public schools.


Well-organized and clear Dubai education policies make sure that all levels of information technology are available. In accordance with the guidelines, there must be at minimum one computer per 10 kindergarten students and five computers for each five students in primary school.


Dubai is home to a number of internationally recognized and accredited institutions, making it an ideal location to learn. The Dubai Education City was established on a large area of land situated in the outskirts of Dubai. The area is equipped with all the amenities required. Colleges and universities like Zayed University and American College of the Emirates and American University of the Emirates, American University of the Emirates and French Fashion University, Murdoch University and Murdoch University, SZABIST and University of Waterloo, National Institute for Vocational Education and HCT Dubai Men's College, Hamdan e TQM University have begun to operate in the area. Based on estimates, around 40000 students will be enrolled at 40 institutions in Dubai Academic City by 2015.


The state isn't just focused on traditional education, but also on technical education. Dubai has universities and colleges that offer instruction in Islamic teachings as well as law and hospitality in addition to management and engineering.


The education system in Dubai is advancing. We are just a few steps away from top-of-the-line educational institutions across Dubai. It's similar to the incredible hotels that we see in Dubai.