Stating some key facts it is said that around 10 to 19 year old individuals mainly experience mental disorder which have accounted upto 13% in the Indian households among which individuals have been dealing with the issues of anxiety, sheer depression and behavioral disorders also which have caused sincere illness and disability amongst them. The Rehabilitation Centre in Gurgaon also adds up stating that suicide is also one of the issues, where the pressure of dealing with the societal norms and changes in physical and mental growth have thus limited the opportunities towards growth for both the parties. The Rehabs in Gurgaon and the Rehabs in New Delhi mainly quotes that the teen age is mainly a period which is highly unique in nature and is a very formative time for many individuals where the kids usually deal with the social change around us which also take a physical and emotional toll on their growth including the risks of sexual abuse and violence with the issue of poverty in India. Hence, protecting the minds of such individuals and helping them to learn towards the socio-emotional learning culture is a real psychological task and a sheer well-being which has also ensured the need for medical care and awareness in this particular field.


Approximately 32% of such cases are ignored in every household in India where there is a deep stigma related towards the mental health crisis where individuals become very isolated having difficulty in grasping an educational knowledge with risk bearing behaviors in the row and do not recognize or utilize their human rights against harsh violences. It is well said that the teenage age is a very hard period for social development with social and emotional changes and the adoption of new habits in the row which at times include the sleeping and study pattern of the individual where they deal with developing issues with problem solving options, finding it hard and important to understand the struggle. Being super protective and at times super vulnerable, may cause harm, therefore, teens usually lose their way in between this confusion making the community more hard to understand.


Thus, there are many hard factors which may affect their mental state and being exposed to such risk factors the whole table can indeed take a sharp turn where the potentiality of creating a harder impact can be miserable on them. Factors such as getting an exposure to adversity or getting any pressure of confrontation or to perform an activity where they are not comfortable mainly generates indecisiveness and also create gender equality and issues between siblings or friends at times. Many other factors can be of strict parenting, dealing with peer pressure or bullying. Hence, every parent should be extremely careful about such situations where their child may require extra understanding, support and care in such events and also they are extremely fragile, where at times parents force them into being a different personality which merely exists within their reigns.

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