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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level (SAA-C02) is the second AWS certification in the Solutions Architect Associate level. You need to pass this exam to achieve the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level certification.

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A customer has a long list of requirements. It includes a large number of features, which are not easily available in one product. This can be solved by composing a product with the required features from different products, referred to as Solution Architecture Pattern (SAP).

The SAP is composed of three layers that each provide different functionalities:

1) Layer 1: The external layer provides interface definitions for all the functionality needs for the customer.

2) Layer 2: The internal layer provides interfaces to components used in the solution architecture pattern, like application packages and database type configurations.

3) Layer 3: The core layer is composed of the base services, which provide built-in functionality for all types of SAPs.

It is clear that SAPs are required in order

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