Favipiravir Tablet is an antiviral medicine that is used to treat mild to moderate cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) infections. COVID-19 infection is highly contagious and is caused by the SARS CoV-2 virus. The common symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, breathing difficulty, nasal congestion, and diarrhoea. Favipiravir 400 mg prevents the virus from multiplying in the body. Since 2014, this medicine is approved in Japan to treat cases of influenza that are unresponsive to conventional treatment


Favipiravir 200 mg Tablets may cause side effects like diarrhoea, decrease in white blood cell count (especially neutrophils), increase in blood uric acid levels, and elevated liver enzyme levels. Consult your doctor if your diarrhoea worsens or if you are concerned about the side effects. Do not discontinue this medicine without consulting your doctor. Seek immediate medical attention if you see signs of allergic reactions like hives, skin rash, itching/swelling (especially of the face/tongue/throat), severe dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc.


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