I have thought about something in RS and OSRS Accounts believed my thought may make the match more colourfull. Present situation: should you combine items which are not supposed to be united, you receive standart"nothing interesting happens". My proposition: change it so that something interesting happen.

Cases: any liquid + any iron item = coroded iron thing. It either becomes unusable or should be attracted to the decent shop to repair. If new items can't be introduced - possible to turn unusable for a while or even ityem just disappears. Any beverage + any non-armor dressing = random colours, based on drink colour. Cannot be changed and apparel is worth 10% shop price.

Any cooked fish or meat + any weapon = half a portion (if fresh items can't be released, the meals cure 50 percent less). Any cake, pizza + any weapon = destroy food (potion disappears). Any alcohol + fire = greater fire, like explosion in the mines. Moral: be carefull when ingesting!

Any cooked meat= sandwitch. However, it provides only 50 percent of each product. Members should have an choice to add butter. Sandwitch can be cooked on cooker only giving marginally more hp than original. Now does not operate on a few fish. Everything ought to be burnable! Metal can be Buy OSRS Gold pulled using Superheat spell just and it's always the lowest metal (if oplayer combines gold, superheat will extract aluminum ). Clay+bucket= unusable bucket. Clay is supposed to be glued. Any melee weapon+any arrow = destroyed arrow. Player is designed to reduce arrow heads.