Peer the Seer is just out from the current market, and he would like you to resolve the mystery in his home for OSRS gold his vote. To begin with, try and open the door and read the riddle. Since each individual gets a different riddle, you need to figure it out all on your own, however they're relatively straightforward. Each line give you 2 distinct words, each with a letter inside them, which you will need to spell out a word, based on what the riddle says. Go through the doorway and up the ladder. Note: Potential responses to this riddle include"fire","life","mage","thoughts","period","tree", and"wind". Thanks, simply add me in game, or reply to this post, I'm online now.

I've skeletal wyverns atm for slayer and I was wondering how you could slay them efficiently. Effectively= not spend 50k a kill and operate for a restock after every kill. I used the same method as I use with steel and iron drags (but swap anti drag shield using elemental mind one): ahrims, mysterious boots, fury, insanity gauntlets, mysterious air or lava team, I use firebolt. I tried a dragonfire bud but that did not work contrary to the breath weapon. I believe it includes a range attack too because praying against range appeared to help. However, not enough... Money isn't a concern so long as it's permanent items, no point in wasting 50k a kill. Magic 85

It's been like 8 months since I last played this particular game. And well theres a whole new method to it today. Some dodgey no scam trade (good). Two new skills, however my friend has advised me about searching... Also I have to Buy RS gold say that the expansive exchange is amazing! I made 1756 bits off 25 gold ore... I'm just lvl 7. I am unsure how it works but its great new thing there. Oh and something fresh about pures and how pking isn't popular anymore (why?) .