Oh, also if your RS Status is currently Freeplay, you won't have the ability to get a clue scroll fall, since they are members-only drops. But I'll assume that you haven't updated that:lol:. As for money-making, I've always found runecrafting to be the very best approach to RuneScape gold earn some cash. Even if you can't craft the higher runes yet like natures, crafting airs at reduced levels may continue to be rewarding, even though for a little while it might be dull and slow work. An alternative is to prepare your woodcutting up to level 60 by clipping willows at draynor, then cutting yews, which are pretty fast cash. Do I need to train more or should I really do dragon slayer now? For going around the island bring two prayer potions (you will need it with all the shield prayers you'll be wanting to use), 4 anti virus poison potions (actually will want these), 1 superb energy (you don't want to run out of energy whilst crossing the road), and the rest with food. I propose bringing cammalot teliportation runes, in case you eat all your meals, I saved me!

For the underground part, 4 prayer pots, 4 superb energy potions, 2 anti virus poison potions, the items needed for Buy RS gold the quest, and the rest with food (if you maintain protect from mellee on the entire time, you will do fine). Keep a watch out for your run, when it is around 50% drink a dose or two of run energy, even when prayer reaches 28% beverage a prayer potion, consume when needed!