Transcription can be defined as the process of converting recorded speeches into written form. The act of transcribing basically means that a recorded speech is converted into written, typewritten, and printed form. Simply put, transcription is the process of copying a piece of written material from one medium into another. 

Different transcription services may be required depending on the industry, organization, and matter being transcribed. 

Medical transcription:Medical transcription is known as MT and is referred by health care and medical industry. MT is closely related to healthcare. MT involves the conversion of voice-recorded reports, as dictated by physicians and medical professionals, into a different format.

Legal transcription
It is used for the generation of official transcripts during court hearings, depositions, or other legal proceedings. It is used by legal firms, court reporters, steno types, and voice writers to transcribe recorded speech into written form.

Financial transcription:
Firms in the financial sector needed financial transcription services. Financial transcription services are used to create financial reports, events, financial summary reports and analysis reports, company reports and business surveys, and for meetings.

Media transcription
The name of the product indicates that it is used in entertainment and media. It is a transcription that transcribes the audio portion of a programme as it occurs. It displays text on a television monitor or video screen in order to provide interpretive or additional information to viewers.

Audio transcription:
This software is used to transcribe audio files or speeches into textable form. This software is used to convert digital audio files like mp3, au, mp4, mp4, magnetic tapes and cassettes. It also allows for the translation of audio speeches into audio transcription services.

Video transcription
To transcribe VHS, DVD,.avi,.wmv files into desirable format video transcription is needed for youtube transcription services. Video transcription is needed for various types of video media, such as television series, motion pictures, TV reality shows, and commercials. 

Business transcription
It includes but not limited: transcribe meetings. In the form you specify.

Interview transcription
It's the translation of interview recording into text or MS word format. These services allow you to transcribe different types of interview in a simple, readable form.

Last but not least, I want to emphasize that transcription is an essential option and very valuable service in this competitive marketplace. Different types of transcription are useful in expanding your business into the online global market.