I have 58 attack defence strength and hitpoints.these are my questions. Whats a fantastic spot to get 100k strength xp per hour? Whats a fantastic place for 100k attack xp per hour? What spell should use at 51 mage? What if I array in 42 range? Off Topic- Whats great runecrafting xp? Whats the breakpoint level for lobsters? What gives good F2P crafting xp? What gives great mining xp at RuneScape gold 55 mining? And pretty much finishes my questions, if I have more, ill edit. P.S., im F2P, and if I get p2p things, ima go mad!

To kill Green Dragons? Green Dragons from the Chaos Tunnels are full of Baby Black Dragons, which burn your food supply. Wilderness just has Green Dragons, but there's a risk of Revenants. The Chaos Tunnels are very near the Grand Exchange and Edgeville, and the Green Dragons in the Wilderness are a fairly long walk to Varrock, but a shorter walk to Bounty Hunter.

Green Dragons in the Wilderness normally have a number of people in them, but about 10 Green Dragons. Green Dragons from the Chaos Tunnels have several people, but just 3 Dragons. In the Chaos Tunnels, there is always a probability of this portal being naughty and transporting you to a random area. [Open the Spoiler for a map which shows the duration of Green Dragons in the Wilderness to a bank, compared to the Grand Exchange or Edgeville through the Chaos Tunnels]

I would probably suggest beginning with the green dragons above Varrock, afterward, if your a bit unhappy with the sum of people/banking days, then switching to the Chaos Tunnel greens. For the green drags in level 20 above varrock, your best bet is to find a couple of games necklaces, then teleport to clan wars, and walk a short distance east until you find the dragons. Then, once your complete, just teleport to bounty hunter employing the matches necklace, bank, then teleprot into clan wars and replicate. It saves lots of Old School RS Gold walking, and matches bracelets are inexpensive and easy to buy, or make whether you've got a few spare sapphires.