The straight answer to this question is 23 hours. You can check-in via online methods, mobile check-in, or late-night check-in. However, due to some regulatory issues, they do not provide online, or mobile boarding passes on some routes. If you face this situation as well, you will be given a boarding pass and once you have submitted all the necessary covid-19 related documents at the airport.

How To Check In Straight Via Online Methods?

When you travel via Lufthansa, you can check in straight from an online medium or straight from your mobile phone. You can check in online from the comfort of your home and get yourself a boarding pass hassle-free. Checking in via a mobile phone is the most practical choice as it is not always possible to check-in using your laptop. All you have to do is download their official app and download your boarding passes. Apart from this, you can manage your Lufthansa booking by going to the Lufthansa manage booking section of the airline's website.

How To Receive Your Passenger Receipt?

Once you have your flight confirmed, you can download your receipts online from your personal computer. Then, go to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines and enter your PNR number; you will receive your receipt, which you can print and use for later references.

What Are The Check-In Deadlines?

If you are confused about the check-in process, you can get the relevant information on all sorts of check-in processes via your airport. The deadlines are set to assure flight punctuality. To check in whatever way, you must possess your boarding pass; you can not proceed any further if it is missing. If you have already checked in online, you have to deposit your luggage to the concerned department.

Baggage Check-In-

Once you have already received your boarding passes via online check-in or manual check-in, you can drop off your bags at the airport kiosk. The only condition to finish this step is the possession of boarding passes, no matter whatever form they are with you. Apart from this, you need to have all the relevant documents at hand. If you are traveling with special or excess luggage, you need to connect to the Airlines's luggage department and ask for the applicable guidelines.

What Are The Requirements for Online Check-Ins?

  • Your check-in starts 23 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Check-in deadlines could be different. 
  • Check-in deadlines are different according to each airport. 
  • You can check in quite easily if you are not a special needs passenger.


After all the points mentioned above, we can conclude that the check-in starts before 23 hours of departure. There are two check-in mediums; the first one is traditional, and the second one is online. Online check-in is more convenient and time-saving.

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