Your cdr report is the gateway to your immigration process in Australia. Therefore, it’s primarily essential for cdr report writers to be well-acquainted with all the related details. Any pitfalls in presenting the report might become a barrier in your carrier. Letting someone prepare it for you involves significant risk. So, it is essential to be accustomed to the proper report writing format to hire a professional.

  1. Updated resume

Your CV is the mirror of your identity as an employer. It should include all the necessary details regarding your education and carrier in an order. So, make sure that your assignment provider fills the data only in the A4 sheet. Also, the information must contain:

  • Joining and leaving date of each workplace
  • Your roles and responsibilities as an employer
  • Your previous office’s location and contact details
  • Your designation in each work firm
  1. Relevant information

Any professional essay writers will know the importance of to-the-point data. It is primarily essential to put only the required information in your CDR report. For instance, your report need not cover the excessive details about your previous companies or employers. The engineers Australia (EA) are only interested in their applicants and not their workplace. So, make sure to emphasize more on your performances as an engineer. You can also mark your technical abilities and understanding of the field.

  1. Read MSA booklet

One needs to be fully acknowledged with the proper format and information required in their writing. The migration skills assessment booklet (MSA) contains an ordered list of all the necessary materials you need to cover in your report writing. Engineers Australia (EA) also keeps modifying the format and details to be filled in report writing. So, it is most imperative to study the MSA booklet before starting to write finely.

  1. Attach documents

The necessary documents to be attached with your CDR reports are

  • Your qualification degrees
  • Your passport size photo
  • IELTS or TOEFL iBT results
  • Your previous employment details, as mentioned in CDR 
  • Updated CV
  • Your name changed document (if any)


CDR report is an essential paper for people looking for engineering carrier opportunities abroad. So, these points will help you prepare an effective CDR report to impress EA.