Australian Tanks is leading the way when it comes to large-scale trade waste arrestor solutions, and they have a clear philosophy that’s helping them do it.

With their new range of trade waste arrestor tanks, they are helping reduce long-term project costs and getting jobs done faster and installed easier.

The vulnerability any build site faces

Most project managers know that there is a lot that can go wrong on a build site.

These problems can range from personnel injuries, bad weather, time delays, miscommunications with contractors, cave ins, undercapitalization, and other surprise costs that had not been accounted for.

Increased costs and time delays go together when complex issues are not addressed effectively.

Projects that were meant to take one month can end up taking two months, and costs start to climb far beyond what was initially allocated for spending. 

On budget and on time is the new standard of success

With the different potential problems that can happen on any build site, a business that can reliably get projects completed on time and on budget is sure to be noticed.

That’s what Australian Tanks have managed to do with their products, specifically, with their trade waste-management arrestors.

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​Westfield Coomera plan showing ATQ's Trade Arrestors underneath the food court garden.

Solutions that are approved by local Australian Sta​te Regulations ​​

​Recently, Australian Tanks was commissioned to help put in a Trade Waste Arrestor package for the new Westfield Coomera Shopping Centre precinct in South East Queensland.

This project had its own unique difficulties, as this build site had deep invert levels which created a great deal of hydrostatic pressure.

Not only that, but the original plans called for a number of small tanks rather than one or two higher capacity arrestors. This made the initial proposal more complex than it needed to be, but because of state regulation, it was hard to get larger capacity tanks approved.

That was until Australian Tanks were brought into the picture ​

They were able to install two waste arrestors, one of them being a 16,000-litre capacity arrestor, the largest volume tank that Australian Tanks offers in their Arrestor range.

Other companies have struggled to get the large arrestors approved by state authorities.

It was different for Australian Tanks. They worked closely with local waste management officials during the conception of their current range of arrestors, so their tanks were pre-approved by the Gold Coast City Council.