If you're thinking of earning money from real estatethen time to stop dreaming and get started, because making money in real estate isn't a distant pipe dream. It's possible to do it, even for a young and novice, once you master the art of "flip" house Kingdom valley Islamabad.


A friend of mine whom we'll call Tai has made millions in real estate, beginning at the age of twenty without any help from anyone else. Here's how she did it:


Tai began by purchasing an HUD repo. This allowed her to move into the property with no cost. Then , she fixed it up and then sold it by herself. When she closed, she achieved enough profit to purchase a second fixer-upper, but in this case, she paid in cash. Tai went right to work on her second home, and when she sold that one, she collected profit of $44,000, which enabled her to cash in for her 3rd house!


In the meantime, Tai was comfortable with her strategy, and within a short time she had sold her third houseand made enough profit to pay cash for a second house as well as being enough to buy the custom car that she had always wanted. All this had taken place in only nine months!


Tai's formula was straightforward. She identified homes that required just cosmetic updates, and avoided those that required structural work. She did all the painting herself, both inside as well as out as well as updated the home's plumbing fixtures, lighting and carpeting. Once the renovations were complete the three homes sold quicklyand for substantial profit.


Flipping houses is the most tried and true method to earn a profit in real estate and you should not believe anyone who claims to tell you that it's impossible to get accomplished or that you require to have lots of money to start. It's not the case. You can purchase houses with no money down using various loan programs, and sellers will often help to pay for closing costs.


I know what I'm talking about. My husband and myself purchased our 27th house earlier this year for nothing down. We're hoping to make at least $100,000 after just one month of hard work!


However, we go one step further and make our homes stand out from the competition by also using Design Psychology, although our customers aren't aware of that. All they know is that they feel great when they're in our houses which is what makes them want to buy them, even if they're more costly than the home next door.


There's no other industry that could earn you as much money, at a fraction of the cost and in a shorter time as real estate investment. In fact there were more millionaires who made their fortunes in real estate than any other field. And you can do it also. All you have to do is stop dreaming and get started.