TOPSCORE VIBO bowling simulator is one of its kind in the world operated by voice and tab (human-machine interface). Bowler animation allows full control over your body, hand-eye coordination, and footwork which is crucial for a batsman to time the ball,  improve the quality of shots.  The batsman gets exactly the same feeling of facing a real human bowler when a batsman is facing VIBO the deliveries don’t have any human-like errors resulting in improvised timing & rhythm required.

  • Practising with VIBO groves skills correctly you prepare yourself to make the right response to an individual situation, have the correct muscle memory to perform the relevant patterns of movement & the subconscious experienced with VIBO to control decision making in a pressure situation.
  • Bowlers get tired of bowling repeatedly in their practice session which leads to inconstancy in their line and length & tend to save themselves for the actual match & conserve in practice to avoid injuries.
  • But the batsman needs to practice those difficult deliveries and build hand-eye coordination, cues, and stance required for a proper shot & complete follow-through for a perfect shot.
  • Ball throwing machines are thus used at clubs and academies to facilitate this difficult repetition. but tends to develop some bad practices in the batsman set up and trigger movement.
  • The traditional bowling machine shoots the ball out instantly & the batsman tends to react spontaneously resulting in improper timing and playing the short in the wrong way.


Cricket coach or an aspiring player, or a young budding cricketer it is the time you equip them with the right thing to nurture their dreams and turn them into a reality.