Around 20 years ago, the Dubai government established the Free Trade Zones throughout the country in order to increase the value of the UAE market and transform the structure of the economy Dune buggy Dubai. In the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone in Dubai was an innovative initiative taken in 1985 by the government , which changed the system of control over industrial production across the UAE. Contrary to others Emirates, Dubai was intense in attracting foreign investors and giving them a range of incentives off track.


Recent years have seen this particular jurisdiction has been an important factor in diversifying the market sense and creating a benchmark over the long-endured protocols of the nation. As a result, Dubai was able to make a convincing hypothesis in the context of the various Free Trade Zones it proposes , which led to different Emirates join the club as well. The idea was that each of the major sectors has its own jurisdiction own, so that it can maximize the benefits of every segregation. Additionally, the benefits in terms of taxation, total ownership and the smallest restrictions made it more appealing for entrepreneurs looking to establish a company in Dubai. Furthermore, the development authorities also made sure to create convincing procedures for making the Free Zone company. Be it a free zone company registration within Dubai or a choice of an appropriate area to conduct business in - the Dubai administration was able to handle everything by using user-friendly online procedures.


Segregation in the Free Zone Business Setup:


Free Zone Company


* Free Zone Establishment


* Branch Office / Branch Company


A few free trade zones within the UAE are listed below:


* Jebel Ali Free Zone


* Dubai Multi-Modal Corridor


* Dubai Media City


* Dubai Internet City


* Dubai Airport Free Zone


* Dubai International Financial Centre


* Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Healthcare City


* Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park


* Dubai Knowledge Village


* Dubai International Academic City


* International Humanitarian City


* Dubai Outsource Zone


* Dubai Maritime City


* Dubai Logistics City


* EnPark, Dubai Cars & Automotive Zone


* Dubai Sports City, International Media Production Zone


* Dubai Studio City and Dubai Creative Clusters Authority


Pros and Pros and Trade Zone


Several reports state that it was the Free Trade Zone that helped Dubai become a major commercial centre of UAE. Due to the increase in foreign businesses wishing to establish an entity and the increase in the number of Free Zone companies that have registered in Dubai there are numerous reasons to believe that. But this region is also subject to a number of Pros and Cons. Check it out!




* Eliminates the obligation to create a partnership an UAE nation.


The company gives investors complete ownership as investors are able to have complete ownership of the company.


* Special considerations in terms of appointments, investment, and other procedures.


* Freedom in the operation and in the movements of the business.


* Benefits from taxation, customs, currency control , and more.


* Administrative services can be cleared in one window system.


* There are no restrictions on engaging in more than one activity.




* Free Trade Zone companies are restricted in engaging in any business activities within the country.


* These businesses are allowed to do international business; this restricts their expansion possibilities.


* They're primarily located in the areas with the least proximity However, the development of transport and connectivity is making things better.


Even though there are few restrictions, the increased attraction towards Free Trade Zone continues. The Dubai government plans to create more such jurisdictions in the coming years.