How to prevent smelly feet?

1. Wear sweat-absorbent socks

Sweat absorbent socks are made of synthetic fibres which keep our feet dry. But if we are using cotton socks then the situation will be bad as cotton is a good absorbent of sweat. And by absorbing sweat cotton socks will remain wet. This will then result in smell.

2. Don't wear the same footwear daily

Using shoes make them wet because of sweat. And then they need time to dry this moisture. Wearing the same footwear daily will not give them proper time to get dried.

Footwear should be kept in airy open areas for some time every week. This will dry them completely and will remove bad odour.

3. Washing shoes and insoles

Shoes and insoles should be washed regularly. Shoes should be hand-washed with cold water to avoid any damage. Washing shoes remove any microbes and bad odour from shoes.

But there are some other points to keep in mind that not using hot water. Avoid direct sunlight drying for a longer time period. Machine washing by removing shoelaces.

Note:- Shoe washing is not suitable for all shoe types.

4. Shoe disinfectant spray and powder

In the market, there are many disinfectant sprays and powders that can be used to kill almost all viruses and bacteria in shoes. These spray and powder are easy to use and work in seconds. Dettol had launched one spray for this purpose recently.

5. Using Deodorant on feet

Deodorants can be used on feet to overcome bad smells. Although deodorant will not stop sweating but it will avoid any embarrassment from smelly feet.

6. Changing socks daily

Socks should be replaced daily. Repeating the same socks causes smelly feet. In addition to this not changing socks increase the chances of skin problems like infection and fungal.

7. Using shoes that have proper ventilation

Shoes that have better ventilation features should be used. Features like air-cooled memory foam and upper knitting enhance shoe breathability and help in the evaporation of moisture from the shoe.

Example: - JQR Bouncer is a perfect example of a properly ventilated shoe.

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