The main use of Lost Ark Gold your stronghold is to create healing potions and battle items to aid in the final game. If you do not want to invest thousands in Gold purchasing consumables from other players, then you'll need to build your own stronghold. There are many other benefits from doing so like the ability to do passively daily tasks, and boost alternative characters to levels 50.

You will be given an encampment after you've completed this "Clerk Theo's invitation" quest. You'll be able to unlock this quest after taking back Luterra Castle, an event that takes place during the main story around level 25. Follow the quest line to unlock your estate as well as its associated song of fast travel.

While your stronghold remains unlocked but it's not at its potential. Additional features to your estate can be obtained through completing quests that are obtained from your stronghold, completing research projects, or increasing the prestige the stronghold.Use your personal storage space before heading out on an adventure to ensure that you don't have a jammed inventory.

What's the top Deathblade model in Lost Ark? The Deathblade is one of Lost Ark's most intriguing character classes and Buy Lost Ark Power leveling has a cult following that belies a surprisingly lower base damage stat. Perhaps it's her cool design that entices plenty of players past her shortcomings. After all, how many times you'll ever have the chance to use three swords at once?