If you run a laboratory, you must be aware of the importance of air filtration and cleanliness in the environment. The same case is applied in the case of tabletop laminar flow hood. However, cleaning such laminar flow hoods is not an easy nut to crack. Instead, this is a delicate process that requires attention and some effort. Here’s a step by step guide for cleaning a Table Top Laminar Flow Hood effectively.

Start With Cleaning the Wall of the Hood

Since the wall is the first surface that you notice when you look into the hood, the wall must be clean and germ-free. First, clean the walls with a microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol. If there are some stains or grease, use a strong cleaner to remove them.

To Ensure That Your Hood Is Clean

To ensure that your Table Top Laminar Flow Hood is free from bacteria and germs, use a dry cotton towel to wipe down every surface inside of your hood. Use a small amount of solvent cleaner to wipe down quartz glass surfaces that must have been contaminated during experiments.

Clean the Back Wall from Top to Bottom

The back of the hood can be easy to forget with it being hidden from sight. However, it is important to clean this area because you can get bacteria from this part of the hood. To ensure that any traces of bacteria on the back wall are gone, use a microfiber cloth dipped in alcohol and wiped down every surface from top to bottom.

Cleaning the Inside Walls

The inside walls are generally easier to clean than other surfaces on the laminar flow hood since they are not so visible and have been covered by other surfaces in between your experiments. However, it is still important to clean the inside walls to ensure no bacteria or germs are left behind and that your experiments are free from any type of contamination.

Using a proper cleaning method and keeping a regular maintenance schedule will ensure your laminar flow cabinet provides safe and accurate results. Dry cotton cloths dipped in alcohol can be used to wipe down your quartz glass surfaces regularly and ensure that they remain clean.

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