In the lab, mistakes are inevitable. This is why working with a ductless chemical fume hood in the lab is imperative. These fume hoods actively protect lab personnel from the hazards of exposure to toxic chemicals and disinfectants that may be emitted during experiments. But, first, you need to explore how they contribute to safe laboratory practices and prevent exposure to harmful chemicals first. Here are a few reasons why it is essential to use a ductless chemical fume hood in the lab:

Fume Hoods Offer Proper Ventilation

Opening the windows or doors to let the fumes out is not a great idea as it can lead to chemical exposure if you are working with reactive chemicals. In addition, there is no assurance that all of the hazardous fumes will be removed from your location. These fume hoods ensure that toxic fumes are captured and funneled into a glass collector through an exhaust system.

Contains Damage from Any Type of Lab Explosion

Chemical accidents are very common in labs, especially when experiments go wrong. Having a ductless chemical fume hoods on hand helps contain the damages of a lab explosion. These fume hoods are constructed from strong and durable materials. In case of any dangerous chemical explosion occurs at a close distance from where you work, the glass collector within this type of fume hood immediately contains dangerous fumes.

Fumes Are Captured From Any Reactive Chemical Reaction

In case experiments take longer than expected, you may inhale toxins and fumes produced by certain chemicals. While holding your breath is not the best practice, opening the windows or doors to let in fresh air may cause you to catch a whiff of these dangerous fumes. The intake vents within a ductless chemical fume hoods work to capture toxic fumes from any chemical reaction close to the lab.

The benefits of working with a ductless chemical fume hood in a lab can help keep you safe when working with harmful chemicals and toxic fumes. In addition, it will provide you with the assurance that the hazardous fumes are contained and monitored at all times.

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