Small, mid-sized businesses, and micropreneurs are joining in a marketplace where they are offering their high quality products and services in 24 industry groups.  First starting with health on the Advanced Medicine Exchange:

Then adding  others to the total of 24 industries.  The most remarkable and valuable part for all of us is that their main focus is not profit, but creating jobs for regular people, and giving us back our ownership of our data. 

By being onboarded on their Blockchain, we get to choose which information about us we choose to share.  Why would we consent to any being shared?  Sharing will increase our value.  Yes, we all have a value.  It is called a Human Identity. 

Unfortunately, at present our identity is being traded by big corporations behind our back.  Not just bits and pieces, but all of it.  The big corporations earn big money for our data, and then they direct us towards products they want us to see, so they get to profit from us even more.    We get nothing.   

CrowdPoint does 2 many things for us:  1. It protects our Identity.  The blockchain keeps our information locked up, so it can't be hacked into, changed or erased. 2. It pays us, the customers, for the information we agree to share.    

With each purchase, your information is recorded and protected by the blockchain technology and encryption.  Each bit of it adds to your value which you are in charge off.   You get your personal digital decentralized ID (identification), and get to share only the parts of it you wish, to prove your identity.

Crowdpoint is a forward looking company that is creating all this security and identity protection for all of us to have a better future without surveillance capitalism. 

Inside of its blockchain ecosystem,  CrowdPoint customers will be purchasing directly from the small and mid-sized businesses, thus eliminating the middle men.   That means that the small businesses will be supported and allowed to grow, micropreneurs functioning as distributors and resellers of the products will earn higher margins, and customers will get fresh, high quality products directly from the manufacturers at lowest prices. 

The profit margin for Crowdpoint will be divided among supporting the technology, paying back customers the value of their data, and charity.  True charity, not stashing away money to avoid paying taxes as many current corporations are doing.  

Crowdpoint is building a better future with job security for our children and grandchildren  We are entering a new epoch when we need to support one another.