Hello from Dallas, Texas! As someone who lives in Texas I have witnessed and experienced the growth of the Technology sector, and the opportunities it can provide. I have tried to leverage the internet and technology in many ways that could help me so I could help others.

In the 80s, the Internet provided a new world to some, and to others, it seemed foreign and complicated.

Most people on the planet have missed out on the wealth and opportunity that technology has provided us. While it may have improved certain aspects of our lives most of us certainly have not financially benefited in a significant way.

Now, with the advent of the Blockchain, it is becoming more decentralized and easier to use. But it still takes expertise and literacy to leverage the power to unlock these opportunities. However, I was lucky enough to discover the company called Crowdpoint Technologies through someone I know. You may know him as Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Crowdpoint is an exciting concept for the average global citizen because it provides us an incredible opportunity to participate in the next wave of technology called the blockchain.

Today, I have gained my freedom by empowering my family and me to build an online presence that sits on top of the blockchain.

As a distributor/reseller, of something I believe in, I can streamline the growth of my own business and financial independence while empowering my friends and family around the world to participate in the next massive Internet of Things opportunity.

Here’s a link to learn a little bit about me and what I do from Dallas, Texas.