The experience that an in-store experience delivers is only matched by the ease of an online shopping experience. The brands that are most effective at creating a quality retail strategy are the ones that have a consistent brand across both digital and brick-and mortar. Whether you’re a physical retailer trying to virtualize your shopping experience in ecommerce firms hoping to establish your flagship store, evaluate how the two channels function in harmony together rather than at conflict.

E-Commerce site’s leadership generally focuses on end to end customer experience for their shopping sites, by adopting tactics like Customer Journey Mapping and sophisticated approaches like constructing Customer Rooms. But occasionally the basics might be missed. So here are 9 essential and maybe obvious ways in which innovative online shopping experiences might be enhanced.

Focus on Mobile Responsiveness

With a smartphone in hand, the days of purchasing via desktop are being quickly supplanted by mobile scrolling. Mobile sales alone for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 reached $1 billion! This trend demonstrates that mobile is here to stay. It’s time that all businesses build their experience of online shopping on mobile. Greater availability to Internet connections and data packages makes this possible but—as we’ve previously learned—not all websites are made equal.

Browsing a website with poor mobile responsiveness can prove very stressful for consumers and easily lead to cart abandonment. Make sure your business’ website is functioning across as many devices as possible, and examine how layouts of all content categories will transition into smaller screens. For example, a photo of quality size and resolution on desktop may be less effective when opened on mobile browsing. Be aware of the devices that customers use to ensure that the experience is consistent across the board.

Compile Customer Testimonials

Customers are more trusting of online goods if they know someone else has purchased it previously. That is why a large number of larger online retailers add consumer reviews. It enables customers to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase from you. If you're just starting out or have a new product, consider hiring a writing service to produce evaluations for you.

Cross-sell & Upsell

Offering relevant products to your customers is an excellent method to create a great interactive online shopping experience. Ascertain that you are not bombarding buyers with useless products, but rather that you are offering items that complement their shopping cart.

Create compelling offerings with an obvious call to action. Consider the frequency of your messaging as well, as continuous upsells may annoy clients.

By providing significant discounts and complimentary products, you can entice visitors to your online business and convert them into repeat clients while improving the online shopping experience.

Bear in Mind the Website's Speed

Increasing the website speed is one of the most important steps to improve online shopping experience. A gorgeous website that takes ten or more seconds to load is a website that few customers will stay to appreciate. Time is money, perhaps even more so when it is spent online than when it is spent in person. As a general rule, keep your website's load time to three seconds or less to avoid users becoming irritated and closing the window so that people can enjoy the personal experience of online shopping.

When including third-party programmes or displays on your site, ensure that they do not cause the site to slow down. If your load time increases, their extra advantage may not exceed their added expense.

Allow Shoppers to Virtually Experiment on Things

Consider how an item would feel in your hands or how it would appear in your home. Today, with the aid of augmented reality, this is achievable (AR).

You can use augmented reality technology to turn your consumers' imaginations into reality. If a customer can visualise their new furniture in their home with certainty and happiness, they will make a buy.

Enhance Your Website's Navigation

Your website serves as the storefront through which clients may peruse your stuff. As with a physical storefront, it should be simple to navigate, tidy, and visually appealing to customers. You must ensure that your websites load quickly enough for customers to view your products.

Once your customers arrive on your site, you want them to quickly grasp what you're selling. Simplicity should be prioritised in this case. Allow your site to feature easy product pages, style, and positioning that communicates the value you give to customers at a glance.

Provide Complimentary Shipping

'Free shipping' is a phrase that many customers associate with magic. Consider this. How many times have you stocked a virtual cart just to abandon it at the last minute due to the necessity of paying a shipping fee? Exactly. Offering free delivery demonstrates a commitment to the customer experience, even while they pay for their goods. They will remember, and they will return.

Keep An Eye on the Trends

Are you looking for a solution to improve the positioning and marketing of your products? Utilise a social media monitoring tool to keep tabs on conversations occurring on social media sites. This will provide you with vital insight about your clients' requirements and purchasing habits.


Additionally, with the assistance of a monitoring tool, you may easily identify opinion leaders in your branch. Contact them and request that they advertise your products on social media following that.

Don't Forget to Conduct a Web Search

Many clients who visit your site for the first time will be seeking for the 'Search' bar. They understand that this will be the quickest method of locating what they're seeking for. Ascertain that your is prominently shown on the landing page, so they don't waste time hunting for it. Additionally, ensure that you invest in effective search technologies. You don't want the buyer to leave believing you don't have a product when you actually have.

These nine recommendations will assist you in providing the greatest possible online shopping experience and customer satisfaction for your consumers while shopping on your online store. It's all about simplifying the purchasing process for them. If you accomplish that, they will regard you highly and will almost definitely return for more.