You may be wondering what a MicroPreneur is… Let me tell you about CrowdPoint first. 


CrowdPoint is a new Technological Company that has flipped the e-commerce model by leveraging new technologies that are going to revolutionize Cyber-space: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Compaction Technologies, and the Blockchain. What this means, without going into detail about each of these technologies, is that CrowdPoint has built a Blockchain platform that directly connects small business owners with their ideal customers, all the while protecting the digital identity of every person that enters this platform. A Blockchain ecosystem is decentralized and this provides data protection and privacy. The new digital market platforms, aka exchanges, that CrowdPoint has created in their Blockchain ecosystem are collectively owned by the participants making transparency one of its characteristics. 


This is where I come in. As a MicroPreneur in the CrowdPoint ecosystem, I offer products and services in two exchanges: the Advanced Medicine exchange and the Cyber Privacy exchange. On my online shop, you will find health and wellness products of the highest quality, vetted for purity and natural ingredients. In addition, when a customer orders from me I give them the additional service of cyber- privacy and protection. I onboard them onto the Blockchain and in this process, I help them get back ownership of their digital identity. In these market platforms, there are only win-win interactions. 


How about you? Are you ready to set yourself free? There are many ways you can join the CrowdPoint ecosystem where collaboration and helping each other are at the core. You can explore them at"