The Artemisinin is a class of remarkable drugs that have redefined the landscape of antimalarial therapy. A combination of outstanding potency, safety, and accessibility has put Artemisinin at the forefront of the ongoing battle against the malaria scourge, where it has already impacted millions of lives. Since its discovery, a concerted effort by the global community has assembled a picture of a drug with a unique set of properties that makes it almost the ideal antimalarial drug. Artemisinin Active research in other fields has also revealed a broad spectrum of promising applications for Artemisinin outside of malaria. We believe that it is only logical to seek to maximize the utility of this drug in a range of capacities. In the context of malaria, doing so means to continue to clarify the mechanisms of activation and action of Artemisinin, while working to further improve its pharmacological properties both alone and in combination. Combined with a firm grasp of the principles of Artemisinin activity, this could be the key to clearing the uncertainties of Artemisinin resistance. Such efforts would ensure that the drug can continue to perform in a similar or even greater capacity within the role that it has served for so long. Looking ahead, repurposing studies driven by a robust understanding of differential MOAs in different diseases and systems will also be instrumental in defining the future of Artemisinin. Ultimately, it is our sincere hope that this gift from Chinese medicine can continue to serve the pursuit of health for people all around the world, for many years to come.