If you want to spare yourself from the embarrassment of having discolored teeth, then you might want to try the best at home teeth whitening remedies. These remedies make use of both natural and whitening products that can help you transform your stained teeth to a lighter shade in just a few weeks.




There are several reasons why your teeth can become discolored over time. Drinking too much coffee, tea and other beverages can be one of them as well as smoking tobacco and other cigarettes. Poor oral hygiene is yet another reason why you need to use teeth whitening at home remedies today and even age can contribute a lot to your teeth color.


Tip 1: Teeth Whitening At Home Solutions


There are various solutions that you can use to remove those stubborn stains from your teeth. Most of the ingredients that are used for these options can be found within your kitchen which makes it easy for you to care for your teeth.


Baking soda, vinegar, and table salt when combined can be quite effective in removing those stains from your teeth. This makes them highly recommended for the best teeth whitening products at home. Hydrogen peroxide, which is a good bleaching agent, can also be added for more effective results but it can cause some sensitivity to your tooth when the nerve passages become irritated. However, it does get the job done.


Tip 2: Fruits For Teeth Whitening At Home Remedies


You might be surprised to learn that fruits can also whiten your teeth. Simply take three strawberries then grind them into small pieces before using as paste teeth whitening near me.


Another useful fruit that you can use is oranges. All you have to do is to remove the rind of this fruit then rub the inner portion on your teeth daily. You will get to see the results in just a week or so. This solution is quite effective in making your teeth lighter in color.




Tip 3: Use Conventional Teeth Whitening At Home Products


You can also make use of conventional products to help you achieve whiter teeth. You can buy strips and whitening trays over the counter so you can use them in the comforts of your own home. You can even ask your dentist to recommend teeth whitening services for your teeth.


There is a lot of information for teeth whitening home remedies solutions available on the internet like coconut oil, charcoal, etc. But your cosmetic dentistry knows better about using these home remedies.


Using home remedies can help you turn your discolored teeth into something evenly white in just a few weeks. Instead of taking several trips to your dental cleaning just to receive treatment, you can spare a few minutes of your time mixing these teeth whitening home remedies for your daily use. Who said that you have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get your teeth back into good shape? Try teeth whitening at home today and see the results for yourself.


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