I was thinking about Mine Blurite, melt it, then smith it into bluerite armor. The armor could be similar to the initiate, an armor for prayer, however it is not tradeable and requires 8 smithing to OSRS Gold make the bar melting, 9-25? the smithing process to smith everything.

The armor is lightweight, but less heavy than black or steel and would require 30 prayers to wear. It also requires the Knight's Sword Quest finished to create it and wear it. It is not tradeable, as is bluerite. It is not possible to smith the bluerite sword unless you own two iron bars one bluerite ore, 1k Knight's Sword Quest done, and then you must go the hill to Thrugo and ask for him to make it. Also, you must have at least 25 crafting. I thought about this quite some.

One thing I have noticed about the party room isthat if you organize an event for your friends, they will come to the party and grab things. This may not be an ideal idea, however an unfriendly noob picking the most expensive item from the drop can be a nuisance.

Arena: 10,000 coins. The arena is about the size of a room and has a tiny entrance/respawn corridor. It is possible to fight anyone in the arena, but if you die, you'll lose nothing and must wait for 10 seconds before returning to the respawn zone. Balloons fall from the ceiling after the leaver is pulled. The most rare item is held behind and then dropped into the middle near the at the end.

Volcaneo:12,000 coins. A normal size room, between Cheap RuneScape Gold them is the volcaneo. It shoots rocks that if strike you in the head can stun you. If the lever is pulled, the rocks smash and an image may be visible, however, you could be shocked by the rocks