Importance of IT Operations Management in Business Organizations 


For a modern business to escape the pull of IT Operations Management is an impossible task. Who wouldn’t want improved service delivery, better performance and greater customer satisfaction? That being said, if you still haven’t invested in IT Operations Management, then read on to find out why you should! 


What is ITOM?

As the name suggests, Information Technology Operations Management includes monitoring all your IT infrastructure components - applications, services, networking, and connectivity within the organization. The presence of ITOM helps increase the efficiency and performance of IT operations while also monitoring overall infrastructure health and reducing costs. 

ITOM becomes important when there’s a growing demand for IT services and the business has to now merge IT operations with the operations of the company. Tracking performance, monitoring effectiveness and improving the overall health of your IT posture is now crucial.

Here are some of the areas that ITOM covers for you: 

Network and Connectivity in the enterprise

Service Delivery Management

Cloud Management: managing cloud computing products and servicing

Application Management

Security Management (data)


Why opt for ITOM Services? 

It’s no surprise that a growing dependence on and collaboration with the information technology sector has helped shape a brand’s perception, revenue and overall growth. 

Increased productivity and performance  

Effective ITOM Solutions identify performance gaps as well as control functioning of IT applications. By having access to immense actionable data on current and past performance, you can better prepare and optimize your operations, products and services. 


Optimised service delivery and greater customer satisfaction 

Improve the communication framework within and outside your enterprise. Fix downtime issues, Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) and other operational problems, to improve service delivery and minimize hiccups. This results in enhanced end user experience and satisfied customers give more productive interactions.

Reduced operational costs and higher profits

ITOM Software significantly reduces escalations and expensive fixes. How? Increased productivity, delivering quality products and geater user satisfaction all contribute to much lower operational costs, and thereby increase revenue. 

Automate workflows and gain real-time visibility 

Servicenow ITOM helps in optimization and automation of workflow on multi-operating systems, saving time and making things efficient and robust. Reduce the complexity of IT processes via cross-platform system coverage and reduce risks throughout all departments.

As mentioned before, there's an improved communication bridge between the IT department and others of the company. This enables you to detect and resolve service outages in real-time.

Optimal use of IT resources 

Avoid duplication, overutilization or underutilization of your resources and reduce oversights or double-bookings.The best score for Optimal Resource Utilization is between 70% to 80% for any firm. This technique will give you a holistic view of the people, products and processes involved and guarantees more control over tasks.

Furthermore, ITOM streamlines your practices, provides valuable insights and analytics into the functioning and environment of teams and gives suggestions and improvements to help scale your company. 

OM should be an important strategy in the digital sphere of your business. Use powerful tools to deliver fulfillment and contentment among clients and consumers alike.

So get started on an economical, effective and ensured path to success!