Black Onyx Gemstone is a variety of layers of chalcedony that belongs to the family of quarts. As indicated by the name,  this semi-precious gem is recognized by its elegant black body color. Black onyx can easily break, scratch or chip easily. Make sure to be careful not to bump or hit while wearing the onyx jewellery.


Black Onyx stone is associated with planet Saturn and it is the birthstone for Leo. This stone has a calming quality, which can be helpful in working with complex emotions such as grief and anxiety.  It also helps to balance yin and yang, make wise decisions and get to the root cause of issues. 


What properties does black spinel stone possess?


Black spinel stone is a rare gemstone that is made from magnesium aluminate or aluminum oxide. Black spinel is of the most precious minerals that came from the spinal family and it often gets confused with the black tourmaline. Good quality spinel should contain no inclusions. But if any inclusion occurs a star effect (asterism) can be the result.


Black spinel is usually mined along with ruby and sapphire. This is why they have many similar properties. Almost all spinal stones are formed by metamorphic activity which occurs when the molten rocks combine with the dolomites or limestones. 


Where to buy gemstones at affordable prices?


You can buy affordable gemstones in various ways. Just about any gemstone can be termed good and cheap depending on the price you pay. You can buy gemstones online, which is the easiest and most affordable way. You can compare the prices of different gemstone websites and choose the best suitable option for you. 


If you are confused about which gemstone would suit you best for you, then you can look up its benefits and properties to decide which one to choose. For example, You can buy emerald stone if you want prosperity, vitality, and growth. 


What is the worth of blue topaz gemstone?


Back in the day, the price value of a blue topaz gemstone was somewhere between $20 to $40 caret. However this is not the case today. Due to the excess supply of blue topaz stone, the cost of this gemstone has now decreased to around $1 per carat. Making it an easily affordable op[tion. 


Regardless of the price, this beautiful gemstone is worn by many people because of its health benefits. It is known as the stone of clarity, peace, and serenity and symbolises loyalty and righteousness. It has beautiful and vibrant blue hues that evoke the images of clear sky or ocean which makes it an excellent choice for pendants, rings, and earrings, which are some of the popular ways people wear it.




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