Utilize this eight-step checklist to improve technical SEO:

Mobile Friendly

Google will no longer be able to include desktop-only sites within its search results. This means that you have to be mobile-friendly for your website to be included in the index of Google.

Utilize Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to determine whether your site is mobile-friendly. If your site isn't mobile-friendly, you should follow the guidelines offered by Google to fix and update your website.

A mobile-friendly website is fast and responsive with easy-to-use navigation and button functions, doesn't include interstitials, is simple to navigate around and find information, and employs simple design.

Working Links

Broken links or pages with 404 errors are a major warning signal that search engines are aware of. In your SEO optimization plan, be sure that all your hyperlinks function properly and lead the users (and Google and other search engines) to the relevant content.

Utilize a tool for free such as Screaming Frog, or Broken Link Checker to search your website to find broken hyperlinks. Repair every broken link. Yes, it can be lengthy, but it's essential.






Keep in mind that links assist search engines to crawl and learn about your site. Your visitors do not have time for broken links. This can influence the trustworthiness of your site as well as the overall user experience.

Fast Website

The search engines and the readers need speedy websites. In actual fact, Google has made website speed a key ranking aspect as part of its Page Experience algorithm.

Utilize the Google PageSpeed Insights tool to measure your website's speed. Google assesses your website's speed and offers suggestions regarding how to improve the speed of your site.

A website that is fast has optimized images, reduced HTTP calls, quick response time from the server, no third-party scripts, and much more. On average, you've got 2.5 seconds to grab the reader's focus - don't waste the time by loading slowly on your site.

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Secure Website

Google utilizes HTTPS as an indicator of ranking. HTTPS indicates to Google that your website is safe, ensuring users the security of browsing. Check that the padlock icon, as well as HTTPS prefix, are visible within the URL bar.

Verify that your website's connection is secure. Also, make sure it's secure by HTTPS.

XML Sitemap

Google has declared the XML sitemap is the second most significant source to find URLs.

An XML sitemap informs Google as well as other engines what your most important web pages are, and how they connect. The sitemap is used by search engines to navigate your site to know what information you've got on your site and the way that pages are connected to each other.

Make use of an XML sitemap generator like Screaming Frog or XML-Sitemaps. You can also make your XML sitemap. Make sure that you adhere to the guidelines for creating a sitemap provided by Google as well as Bing.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content isn't a problem for your rank however it can make it harder for the search engine to comprehend your site. It's essential for your website to be easy to crawl to index, understand, and comprehend for an excellent search engine ranking.

Search engines, like Google, are able to rank websites with reliable and well-written content top of the line. If your website has duplicate content, it can be a signal to the search engine that your site is not awash with understanding and knowledge of your field. It can also make it difficult to identify which pages are most relevant to the readers.

Utilize a tool such as Copyscape as well as Screaming Frog to identify the duplicate pages on your site. Examine the duplicate content to determine whether the pages could be added, refreshed, or upgraded.

URL Structure

The easier it is to find and access information, the better the technical SEO. The key to this is flat website architecture that lets you create simple-to-understand URLs.

Your URLs need to inform search engines and visitors what the page's content is and also provide insight into the structure of the website. One method to accomplish this is to utilize categories to group similar pages.

On our site, we utilize categories on our blogs to arrange our content and to make URLs that offer search engines and you with the context and understanding of our expertise.


Google defines its robots.txt file as a robots.txt file that informs crawlers using search engines what pages or files they cannot or won't access from your website. It is mostly used to prevent overloading your website with requests, but it's not a way to keep the site from being listed on Google.

Utilize the Google robots.txt tester Tool to check the integrity of your robots.txt file. Follow Google's guidelines for how to verify that it is compliant with Google's standards.

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