Lighting is often an afterthought in our interior design. When you conceive of it as a room's practical component rather than as something that provides aesthetic value, this happens. Lighting is the underappreciated aspect that elevates your design to the next level when done correctly.  

You might not know it, but thinking about your alternatives early in the interior design process can tie your entire space together in unexpected ways. Going into a store and picking a lamp off the shelf isn't the only way to come up with lighting ideas. There's a lot to think about, and it varies depending on the space.  

Keep these room-by-room recommendations provided by our expert Interior Design Services Tyler Texas, in mind whether you want to improve the lighting in a single space or plan a whole-house lighting makeover  

Types of Lighting  

Lighting has a certain purpose.  We're not only talking about table lamps and chandeliers when we speak varieties of lighting. In most rooms, there will be more than one of the three sources of lighting.  

  • Ambient Lighting: This basic lighting, which may include ceiling lights (recessed or track lighting) or wall-mounted fixtures, will make up the majority of your room. Another alternative is to use ceiling fan lights. Keep in mind that ambient light is a close approximation of natural daylight.  
  • Accent Lighting: These lights are designed to focus on a specific area of the space, such as wall art. Accent lights are frequently dimmable to improve the room's ambiance. Accent lighting can include downlights, uplights, and spotlights, to name a few. On an accent table, table lights may produce a pool of light.  
  • Task Lighting: Floor reading lamps, pendant lighting above a kitchen island, desk lamps, and bedside reading lamps on a nightstand are examples of these lights that serve a specific purpose.  

Many rooms incorporate all three types, depending on their size and purpose.  

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Living and Family Rooms  

These are the areas where you usually spend a lot of time doing things like watching TV, reading, socializing with friends, and working on your laptop. As a result, the notion of tiered lighting is crucial in this situation. Ambient light that reflects off the ceiling is ideal because it appeals to the eye's natural predisposition to see vertical planes. A fixture like the Atomic Ceiling Light might help you achieve this aesthetic. This modern LED ceiling light is distinguished by its futuristic and space-age design, which has decorative bars of varied diameters that radiate outward like a sunburst.  


The kitchen, maybe more than any other room in your house, requires a mix of layered tasks and ambient lighting, with an emphasis on the duties of food prep and cleanup as well as functioning as a gathering location. A typical kitchen lighting plan may include a central ceiling-mounted lamp that provides ambient light, as well as task lighting for the countertops and above the sink, where you do the most of your work.  


Bathrooms place a premium on personal grooming; therefore, a well-lit mirror is essential for effective operation. Instead of a central ceiling-mounted lamp that might create shadows, use well-placed wall sconces for ambient lighting.  

Dining Room  

When it comes to lighting your dining room, the table should be the main emphasis, with ambient and task lighting, as well as accent lighting. Dimmers are very useful in this space since they allow you to create the precise ambiance you want when entertaining.  


The calming aspect of a bedroom necessitates ambient lighting that is readily dimmable. Lighting that is well-diffused by the frosted glass or other material creates an atmosphere without glare from above. You might also use floor lamps, architectural lighting, or a pair of sconces flanking a wall mirror for some diversity.  

Lighting might just be a means of seeing, or it can be a decorative feature that adds warmth and comfort to your home. With The Perfect Peony, you can make your home more inviting and relaxing – perhaps even transcendent – than with traditional lights. Contact our Interior Design Decorators in Tyler Texas to see how you can turn your wildest home lighting dreams into a gorgeous reality.