In the global economy, crypto-credit cards are becoming more and more popular, as they allow you to get loans in real money, backed by cryptocurrencies at very low interest rates. Thus, this method of paying for goods and services will make crypto money a universal means of payment in the future. We are highly recommended to use kraken trading bot to increase your income and save your time.
Traditional credit cards can only be used with a positive credit history and after checking the client's solvency, which can take quite a long time, but innovative cards completely solve this problem.
Prerequisites for issuing crypto cards
Just a few years ago, cryptocurrencies seemed like exotic payment systems, as the owners of these assets did not have the ability to quickly convert them into fiat money, which scared away many potential investors.
But now the crypto community has begun to understand that with the use  of branded "cold" wallets  and competent verification, digital money can be used as ordinary money, but with more opportunities for consumers. At the same time, the latest DeFi cryptosystems began to emerge.
DeFi are decentralized financial systems designed to completely replace the traditional banking sector of the economy in the future. That is, on such sites you can  take credits  with very low interest rates secured by crypto coins, which automatically excludes credit history checks and the collection of other financial documents confirming the financial situation of the borrower. In addition, here you can also engage in crypto-investing in automatic services that form crypto-portfolios from different assets depending on the market situation, which allows you to get very high returns even in short-term periods.
Benefits of crypto credit cards
In a classic banking system, when granting a loan, an organization is forced to sign many different documents to move money through several payment systems, which is not required in crypto networks, since all transactions are protected by the terms  of smart contracts.
At the same time, in almost all innovative payment crypto services, it is possible to receive interest simply for holding a certain amount of any tokens on the account, which further reduces loan payments.
Cryptocurrency cards offer instant international transactions with minimal fees from anywhere in the world where there is Internet access, unlike systems like Western Union, which require counterparties to be in the offices of these companies while making cross-border payments.
Another important advantage of new crypto services is getting large cashbacks for any financial transactions with crypto money.
Popular cryptocurrency cards
Various financial crypto platforms can be configured to perform certain functions. For example, the Nexo company produces its cards for the ability to take loans up to two million dollars secured by any crypto-coins comparable to the borrowed amount.
And finally, now the leader in this industry is the Crypto corporation  , which has revolutionized the world markets by issuing a cryptocurrency card using VISA technology, which made it possible to obtain compatibility with almost all ATMs and terminals.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that blockchain technologies laid the foundation for the development of the latest high-tech global financial system, which still has not yet revealed its full potential due to the restrictions of state financial regulators.