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Many were quick to point out the amazingly detailed settings within Red Dead Redemption 2, the second tentpole game from Rockstar. The studio has proven its talents in designing large and beautifully designed towns.

As Rockstar is looking to expand the boundaries of Grand Theft Auto 6, it's not surprising that the devs hit on both the vast playground of gamers with more attentive to the smallest aspects.

Warzne star ZLaner thought he was just at a normal bar when things turned funny when he found out that his dad had snatched him from his stream.

Stream sniping is a major issue in Warzone since the game doesn't have a system in the game for creators of content to defend themselves from trolling.

Although this is a snub by nearly every streamer If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to be stream-snipped by your loved ones?

That was the case with Lost Ark Gold for sale ZLaner as his own father decided to use stealth mode and match up against his son.