The library is an important part of the education industry and for those also who are related to education. We can easily find libraries in every school and college. And managing library databases in offline mode is quite difficult. That's why every library needs a system through which management can be done easily. 


The system used for managing the library digitally is termed library management software.


About library management software

The library management software is part of school ERP software. This system is designed to manage all the functions of the library. With this software, a librarian can maintain the database of new books and old books as well.


With help of library management software, librarians can automate all the work of libraries. This software for school helps in managing the record of books. With the help of this software, a librarian can fetch the exact location of the book.


Everyone can get benefited from a single-web based school management system. For using this system size of the library doesn't matter. This system can work easily for small and big libraries.


If you are using library management software in your school then you can easily track the location of the book in a library by just entering the name of the author and book. With this school management system, you can also check how many books are issued and their due date of submission.

Why do we need library management software?

Before implementing any system to library first question arises as that why we need this system of school management software? Do we actually invest our money in this school software?


After the below-discussed points, your doubts will definitely get cleared. 


Needs of library management software:-

  • Increase efficiency
  • Save the time for the students and librarian
  • Reduce the cost of library management
  • Increase the productivity of the library
  • Enhance the reporting and monitoring
  • Reduce Manual Work


Benefits of using Library management software

Before buying and using any service or product first we look at the benefits we get from that particular service. Here are the benefits of using library management software


  • Error-free
  • Easy to use
  • User friendly
  • Reliable and safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase efficiency


Features of library management software

  • With this single-web based school management software, you can manage multiple libraries
  • With this system, librarians can easily issue and return the book to students.
  • The Barcode feature of this software helps in generating the details of the book. For that, the librarian just needs to scan the integrated barcode.
  • In the mobile application of this school management software, students can check the availability of books online.
  • The librarian can send the due date alert notification to the parents


Who can use this library management software?

  • School Library (K-12)
  • College libraries
  • Private libraries
  • National libraries
  • Government libraries
  • Research libraries
  • Academic libraries
  • Reference libraries


Final words on library management software

By integrating this library management software of school ERP software you can extend the walls of your library to a smart library. This system offers various features like you can manage multiple libraries, barcodes, mobile applications for sending due date notifications and many more.


Using this school management software is the best way to match your library with the latest technology.


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