At HLC, our team has According to classical Ayurveda, a weak digestion known as Agnimandya cannot convert rasa to life-sustaining Ojas. Additionally we investigate Ama, which can be the root cause in several diseases.

HLC has a team of experienced specialists to care for people with digestive tract disorders. We specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating digestive tract disorders from common to complex issues.

At HLC, we treat digestive problems from root-cause first and then the whole disorder with medicines, special diet and lifestyle plans that are designed specifically for the patient to help achieve a complete recovery.

• Flatulence
• Gallstone
• Jaundice
• Liver Cirrhosis

• Sickle Cell Anaemia
• Ano-rectal Disorder
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome
• Hyperacidity
• Constipation

• Ulcerative Colitis
• Coeliac Disease

Gastroenterology Conditions Treated with Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Yoga.

• Acid Reflux (GERD)
• Anorexia nervosa
• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
• Chronic Gastritis
• Colitis

• Crohn’s Disease
successfully treated over 300 Gastroenterology cases.

HLC is the naturopathy clinic near me, and it has treat over 300 Gastroenterology cases by Ayurveda and Nature Care.


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