Most of the drugs which are sold within the India boundaries are sheer illegal in the market which includes the market of heroin, cocaine, acid etc. There are several other substances such as marijuana and other prescribed painkillers which are completely illegal under various conditions in the market. Thus, the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai stated that every year there are more than hundreds of drug issue cases which are solved by the legal system of India which includes legal action in motion.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India therefore states that there are various illicit substances which face an automatic legal action under which selling and intaking of drugs is a serious offence. Involved in any of such activity will eventually lead towards the state of being arrested. The specific charges which are undertaken by an individual for their drug-related issues mainly depend on several factors such as the type of drug which is consumed, the address and location of the individual or any previous charges also play an important role. Also, if the issue is taken up to the court then sentencing of such community service or a fine could either be the option, or else the severity could be taken upto jail time.

The Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus comments that the defence system against people consuming drugs is not the best way to take up in many cases, where the individual is into the role of drug consumption should definitely be given a chance to be sent to a rehab centre rather than going up for jail time. If the issue would be a one time case, a jail arrest can be counted under consideration, however, if the process is going on and on, then the situation of serious addiction comes under the radar, where use of alcohol and drug issues should be considered.

Hence, staying in jail would not handle the issue of drugs as it is not an effective approach as the drug addiction issue is deep-rooted within the mental health of the individual where the problem can only be solved by either being given the allowance of personal therapy or a rehab centre. It is a better alternative as struggling with addiction would be solved with the help of professionals around the individual rather than the deeds to be fulfilled by sitting inside the prison cell.

Therefore, people who are likely to struggle from substance abuse mainly, should not be just ending up in drug charges, but their crimes should be charged and then taken into consideration to bring mental peace awareness within the individual, where proper health education should be given by stating the pros and cons of the individual as well. Thus, the cycle of addiction should not just involve a court system but a rehab facilitation as well which can bring ultimate awareness into the mind of the individual.

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