Vilitra 60 is also said to be a powerful natural aphrodisiac, able to intensify sexual pleasure, and helping couples conceive naturally.  While Vilitra  60 does work to promote a more forceful erection and to improve sexual desire, it should not be considered a substitute for a doctor's visit. Before beginning any medication, it is advised to check with your doctor. You should not take Vilitra  60 if you suffer from a serious heart or kidney condition, or if you are currently on any medications. If you have any history of allergies to medications, your doctor may have given you prior to starting vardenafil  60 mg tablets. In most cases, your doctor will be able to provide further information regarding this new medication.  If you do experience side effects, the most common are fatigue, dizziness, or an allergic reaction to the vardenafil ingredient. Itching, burning, or swelling around the head may also occur. If you notice these symptoms, or any other unusual changes in the body while taking vardenafil  60, contact your doctor immediately. While Vilitra  60 does not cause lasting effects, your doctor can conduct tests to determine the cause of these symptoms and provide treatment.  Like all medications, there can be some minor effects from vilitra  60 mg. Some individuals notice that they experience a milder version of the "pins and needles" sensation that is experienced during a male erection. Since this effect is mild, most men will not feel any adverse effects. Vilitra is safe for use by all men and women. However, because of its potential for improvement with time, and the fact that it is taken only once a day, it is suggested that anyone who wants to experience a fuller, harder erection without the possibility of excessive side effects takes instead.

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