"The neighborhood wouldn't have expected the change. I have never considered myself substituting CCP Guard because that is impossible, he is absolutely a part of EVE Mobile ISK the sport, of the neighborhood and will always be.

"I was a tiny bit nervous coming to it, though, knowing that it had been on the back of his departure. I have been doing lots of [things] like flow hosting and things, like I get out there and now I am the talking head, I do all the goofy things on EVE Pulse. [...] I was nervous coming to it, whether the community would embrace me as readily or if they would be like,'Oh, this guy's just trying to become a different CCP Guard.' Nonetheless, it's really going super well. Some individuals have remarked that even though I have only been here a relatively short amount of time, it seems like I have been around for much longer in terms of action"

It's intriguing to me looking on from the outside, because when you look at all the things CCP have done and have been talking about during the last year - from the Blackout that shook things up for better or worse through the summer, into the drumbeat of player retention throughout the EVE Invasion Tour, the community staff now feels poised and prepared to take on the challenges awaiting them. The hiring of Jessica, for instance, feels like it targets not only a great EVE ambassador, keen to push the game forward, but also someone who has worked inside her Alliance to assist player retention - some Buy EVE Echoes Items has been fighting with.